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How may we help?



     We are a team of highly-experienced mental health professionals, including male and female counselors and psychologists.


      We work with other medical professionals to assist clients with medication advice.

Emergency Issue?
Call 9-1-1
Local police can help.
For our clinics, call:
(262) 784-1121 or (262) 223-6125 or email us at:
What Therapy Can Do.
      Therapy cannot perform miracles. However, therapy can help you to heal wrongful neural connections that have developed through negative experience.
      Human beings are a combination of their environment, from childhood to adult life, and biochemistry. Some people are more prone to suffering from mood disorders and other psychological maladies. Sometimes, a combination of talk therapy and medicinal help is effective for long-term change.
Paying for Service
We accept many forms of insurance and only do not work with those who are closed systems and not cooperative. We accept most insurance and also can accept cash payments, if you don't want to go through insurance.
We do offer a sliding scale and, for those with need and no resources, we have our non-profit, "The Matthew Project, Inc.".  We do accept BadgerCare and other Title 19 programs, so, the insurance is generally not an issue with them.
We do accept credit cards; Discover, MasterCard, Visa and AMEX but there is a $5.00 additional charge, per session.
24 Hour Cancellation Policy:  Our clinic charges for missed appointments that are not cancelled 24 hours in advance.  This charge is not covered by insurance.
Our counseling clinics are part of The Matthew Project, Inc., a non-profit organization designed to make mental health counseling possible for those of all income levels. We do accept Forward Health but also have resources to help those with no insurance. If you know of somebody who is not being helped, due to financial reasons, have them call Dr. Thomas Lehmann at (262) 784-1121 or Dr. Gary Probst at (262) 244-0729 or e-mail:  
The number for regular appointments: (262) 223-6125. Please tell us which community you live in and about your situation, so we can match the best counselor.  We have offices at North and Prospect in Milwaukee; close to Menomonee Falls in Germantown, in Waukesha, West Bend, Mukwonago, Hartford, Watertown, Greenfield, Brookfield and Fond du Lac. We are always looking for LPC's or LPC-IT's to join our effort, as we expand in the Milwaukee area and to the North and West. .
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