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Counseling With Results

      The Matthew Project, Inc. is affiliated with Life-Span Psychological Services of Brookfield and Milwaukee in Wisconsin and Hartford Counseling.


      We serve Southeastern Wisconsin from an office on Sumner Street (Highway 60) in Hartford, Wisconsin, Bluemound Road in Brookfield and an office at North and Prospect in Milwaukee.

      The Matthew Project, Inc., is our non-profit organization, designed to provide services for those who have no means to pay or are on state insurance programs that many clinics will not accept.

     “It is difficult to make a man miserable while he feels worthy of himself and claims kindred to the great God who made him.”
-Abraham Lincoln
Our Services


      We focus heavily on mood issues. Anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, sadness and feelings of isolation are important areas of treatment for us. Our use of a combination of Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Reality Therapy helps people to change thinking and understand reasons behind human behavior. Education is a key component of our therapy. If you understand why people do what they do, it is much easier to forgive, help and love those around you---and help yourself.





      Human relationships are complex. Often, people behave in certain ways because of past abuse, which can change a person's neural connections and even their very DNA. Let's talk about your relationships, to learn the "why" and "what" regarding what you are dealing with.




      Addiction to alcohol and drugs has been a long-standing problem but it is growing out of control. Young people are turning to a dangerous option, heroin.
      Heroin kills. Our young people are dying from overdoses, from the urban area of Milwaukee to small rural towns. There are ways to help the addicted and we also provide counseling for the families of addicted people.  Note: If you are currently using, we suggest the Intensive-Outpatient program with Affiliated Clinical Services in Hartford or West Bend ( or
Rogers Memorial Hospital in Oconomowoc(
      Anxiety is an ugly companion. It has deep roots in most mental health issues.
     Anxiety is the preface of most depression. First comes the worry and the stress and then, sadness.
 Anxiety is caused by a combination of genetic predisposition and a person's past experience. There are effective ways to treat anxiety. Reality Therapy is a great tool for this but we also consult with medical professionals who can prescibe medications that help balance incorrect combinations of brain enzymes.
      Some resist medication help and that's okay. It just takes longer, sometimes, to heal.
Bipolar Disorders


      Bipolar disorders are insidious. They are like the characters of the angel and devil on opposite shoulders.

      People with what used to be called Manic-Depressive Disorder are gravely misunderstood, often misdiagnosed and given medications that make the disorder worse.

      We have great expertise in diagnosing this disorder and gently, kindly and compassionately helping individuals and families to seek the proper medical help, along with the reinforcement counseling provides.

      There are few disorders so complex and misunderstood, while being so very easy to repair.


For help with all mental health issues, see our Contact page and ask about a counselor who seems to fit with you.

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