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Counseling Scenarios

      We can help with some of life's most difficult problems. From victims of child abuse and sexual abuse, to PTSD from combat or police work, we can focus on the anxiety and pain that holds people back from happiness.


      Here are a few examples of people we've helped.


  • Foster child suffering from biological parental abuse and ADD

  • Young man dealing wtih a drug abusing mother and feelings of isolation

  • Suicidal bipolar woman, helped by police intervention and hospitaliation

  • Female police officer assaulted by another officer

  • Family in crisis over the husband's pornography addiction

  • Adult male child of sexually inappropriate and domineering parents

  • Woman battling her husband's chronic drinking and deception

  • Middle-aged man dealing with his wife's Borderline Personality Disorder

  • Man nearing retirement age and feeling he is a failure

  • Child with ADD & Oppositional Defiant Disorder

  • Heroin abusers and their families

Help is as close as a phone call.
(262) 244-0729 or
(262) 784-1121
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