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  • Gary Probst

Bipolar or Manic Depressive

Bipolar, also known as Manic Depressive Disorder, is often misdiagnosed and not properly medicated.

Many times, those suffering from this disorder are diagnosed as simply having a depressive or anxiety disorder. Bipolar is much more complicated and needs an entirely different medication routine. It is imperative, if your counselor feels you may be Bipolar to:

-Not become angry with them for wanting to investigate that possibility

-A Psychiatrist become involved in medication evaluation

-Personality inventories and other tests need to be conducted to rule out Bipolar

Those suffering from Bipolar Disorder often fight the diagnosis tooth and nail. In their manic stage, they will directly protest medication and therapy. Many times, this is because the medication levels out major enzyme changes in the brain and takes away the "rush" people feel in mania. As people miss that rush, they go off the mood stabilizers, causing mayhem in the manic stage and a deep and severe drop into depression, shortly after.

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