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  • Gary Probst

If a Child May Have ADD or ADHD

Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADD and ADHD represent a serious situation. They are often misdiagnosed and then treated with medication that can literally "amp up" the child, as such medications are basically stimulants. It is important that a Psychologist or Psychiatrist test the child. It is dangerous to shoot from the hip. A child may have another disorder that leads to bad behavior and poor grades. Improper treatment can multiply the problems. If the child has something on the Autism Spectrum, it is much different from ADD/ADHD.

Nobody is pleased about having to provide a medication to a child. However, the consequences of not treating ADD/ADHD are grave. Serious scholastic turmoil can prevent the child from success in life. ADD/ADHD can also last into adulthood and make the person erratic and unable to hold any level of employment. Medications are out there for a purpose. Listen to the MD or Psychiatrist who prescribes. If you notice the child becoming worse on the medication, it may not be ADD/ADHD.

There are a number of medications out there for this issue. This is one I have witnessed working very well: Here is some additional information on ADD/ADHD:

If you suspect your child has this malady, here is a checklist:

However, please have the child tested by a person who is licensed to do testing. You need a Psychologist or Psychiatrist. Don't rely completely on your General Practice Physician; a Masters level counselor or a school counselor.

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