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A Pledge Not to Be Nasty

Do you have a young man or boy in your home who is demonstrating outward sexual expression? Are they showing signs of having disrespect for women? If so, try using this pledge, which I recently composed for a 9-year-old foster child to sign. After teaching him about respect and why the superheroes he admires are not disrespectful, he gladly signed this document and is having it framed for his room:

A Pledge Not to Be Nasty

As a young man of honor, I promise not to be nasty in my life. As a man of honor, I respect all people and understand that being nasty is not cool.

I promise to do my best to be kind and respectful toward others.

As a man of honor, I understand that women are to be respected. I promise to be protective of women and all people. I promise to protect others when people are nasty around them.

I understand that heroes are not nasty. Heroes are strong. They show their strength by quietly doing the right thing by other people. Heroes stand against mean and unjust ways. Heroes are never, ever, nasty.

I promise to do my best to be a hero and not someone who is nasty. I make this promise to my family, my school and all people in society. I promise to consider the feelings of others in comments I make. I promise to be a strong hero, throughout my life.

Prince ********


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