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  • Gary Probst


Just an update that the paperwork went in for processing yesterday to establish the non-profit organization. It will be the umbrella for this counseling service and hoped-for programs to help people. We're calling it The Matthew Project, Inc., after the passage in the Book of Matthew about human worries and anxiety. "Be Not Anxious About Your Life".

That is surely easier said than accomplished but we will be working on fighting anxiety, depression and mood disorders for people who need help with low-cost counseling in the area, and hopefully, on a larger scale. The current shortage of counselors in the area is due to repressive health insurance company practices. Prevention has become secondary and that is harming the population.

Thus, we will seek funding sources to supplement efforts; build educational programs for different groups of people; conduct groups and educate, educate, educate about the many problems society is facing, today.

Initially, the program is subsidized by my insurance agency and the efforts of people contributing to its success.

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